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Our mission is to make you a safe, knowledgeable and confident owner of your handgun. With over 40 years of firearm experience, Michael Duda is the premier instructor for those who want to pursue their Carry Concealed Weapon license in Orange County. Elite CCW and Firearm Training offers a variety of classes that consist of both a classroom and live fire environment. Learn more about the classes offered at Elite CCW below, or click the button to enroll today.

Who is Michael Duda?

- 12-Year United States Army Veteran - Silver Star Recipient.

- 22 Years of Law Enforcement Experience.

- 2 Years as Supervisor of the Orange County Sheriff's Department CCW Unit.

- Certified NRA Firearms Instructor.

Training Levels


The absolute best place to start your journey into firearms is with our Basic Pistol Shooting Fundamentals course. Designed for beginners, you'll go from any level that you are now, to being a safe, comfortable and confident shooter. 


Whether you've recently become more comfortable with your firearm, or you've already mastered the fundamentals on your own, our intermediate level classes takes your knowledge, precision and real life decision making to the next level. 


Our advance training offers drills from the concealed carry position. Improve your skills drawing from a concealed holster and engaging multiple targets. Advanced training students must first complete intermediate course to take advanced

Initial CCW Licenses & Renewal Licenses

If you're serious about applying for your initial Carry Concealed Weapon permit or renewal,  Elite CCW & Firearm Training is the absolute best place to receive your training. We offer assistance and certified training through every step of the application and renewal process. 

As the former supervisor for Orange County Sheriff's CCW Unit, Michael Duda knows the ins and outs of the entire process, and will use his expertise to help navigate you through your CCW journey. If you have something in your life, past, present or future, which may disqualify you from a Orange County CCW, we'll be sure to address those issues immediately so you better understand your options.

Get Your Orange County CCW With Safety, Knowledge and Confidence at Elite CCW & Firearm Training

Training & Classes Offered At Elite CCW

Basic Pistol Shooting Fundamentals

Initial Orange County CCW Training

Orange County CCW Renewal Training

Intermediate & Advanced Classes


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Read What Others Are Saying

  • "Michael Duda was an absolute game changer for me and my newly purchased handgun. I went from an 9 inch grouping to a 2 inch grouping within one conversation and an adjustment of my grip. I've never met somebody so qualified and knowledgeable with firearms, and I'll be a happily returning student for the foreseeable future. Anybody wanting to get their CCW in Orange County needs to introduce themselves to Mike Duda at Elite CCW and Firearm Training. You won't be disappointed!"
    - Todd H
  • "I had my first gun training course with Michael at Elite CCW Training; Michael is very knowledgeable and patient. After finishing the classroom portion of his course, then to the firing range, I had a great time and can't wait to learn more about gun handling and safety."
    - Dave
  • "Michael Duda is the best instructor I have ever had for my initial CCW and my renewal His expertise between his military experience and especially his law enforcement experience is unparalleled. The class I took in May was fast moving, thorough and not monotonous at all. I learned a lot of things that I did not know and was kept up to date on new laws governing the carrying and use of my firearm. I whole heartedly recommend Mike Duda as your trainer, your instructor and a friend. I’m proud to call Mike my friend."
    - Norm M

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Located In The Heart Of Orange County

Elite CCW & Firearm Training is located in the middle of Orange County, conveniently right off the 405 freeway. We offer our classroom instruction at our Fountain Valley facility, and then offer live fire training at a few local ranges. 

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