EliteCCW Is Now An Authorized Training Provider For Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, Arizona, Utah and Florida. (LA & SD County Training Is In-Person Only).


Classes Offered In-Person & Online

In-Person CCW Course

Our In-Person CCW Course is perfect for those of you who want a live instructor that can answer questions in real time (we still answer questions for our online course), as well as those who want to complete the class over 1 or 2 days. Once you complete the in-person training, you'll also schedule your range qualification with an Elite instructor.
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Online CCW Course

Obtain your OC CCW permit on your time, from any internet-enabled device you wish. All you have to do after completing the online version is schedule your Range Qualification with one of our instructors at Elite. This is a great option for the busier people, or those who prefer to learn and review the content at their own pace. (For Orange County Only)
OC CCW Online Course

CCW Renewals

Your CCW permit is not permanent, so you'll be required to take an abbreviated renewal course in order to maintain your permit after it expires. We offer a 4-Hour Renewal course that meets and exceeds the required criteria from Orange County in order to remain an active and legal permit holder. You'll need to requalify with your firearms.
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On-Site Live Scan

We now offer Live Scan services at our location in Fountain Valley. Our Live Scan does not have to be firearms related, but can be used for anything where you may need fingerprints submitted. Email us by clicking the button below to submit a request for our Live Scan service.
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Simulator Training

Our Fountain Valley facility has a state-of-the-art simulator for safely training and becoming used to accurately aiming and firing a gun. We use realistic firearm trainers that use compressed air and a laser to simulate the real feel and function of a firearm you'd carry in person. Being able to train in a controlled environment can both save on ammunition costs and give you a personal trainer to assist you directly.
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Firearm Safety Cert.

Before you purchase a firearm in the State of California, you'll need to pass an exam and obtain your Firearm Safety Certificate, also known commonly as an FSC. You'll need to complete a multiple choice test that goes over the basic firearm fundamentals that all gunowners need to know before becoming a responsible owner. The study guide is widely available online and you can take the test with us.
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CCW Application Assistance

If you need assistance with filling out your CCW application, or have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please let us know and we can guide you in the right direction.  You can contact us with any questions by clicking the button below.
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Who We Are

Founded by the former supervisor of the Orange County Sheriff Department CCW Unit, who is also a 12-year active duty Army Veteran, EliteCCW & Firearms Training is the premier training organization for people of all skill levels to not only obtain their CCW Permit, but also to learn the basics of handgun ownership and safety. Since its inception, EliteCCW & Firearms Training has helped train and introduce thousands of current and potential firearm owners to the wealth of knowledge they need to become comfortable and safe with their guns. You can read more about EliteCCW & Firearms Training by clicking the button below.

For anybody serious about obtaining their Orange County CCW Permit, or gaining a foundational knowledge about firearms in general, there's no better choice than EliteCCW & Firearms Training. Whether you're a novice or an advanced sharpshooter, the skills and knowledge you gain from these programs will stick with you for life.

Who We Train

Beginner Shooters

The absolute best place to start your journey into firearms is with our Basic Pistol Shooting Fundamentals course. Designed for beginners, you'll go from any level that you are now, to being a safe, comfortable and confident shooter. 

Intermediate Shooters

Whether you've recently become more comfortable with your firearm, or you've already mastered the fundamentals on your own, our intermediate level classes takes your knowledge, precision and real life decision making to the next level. 

Advanced Shooters

Our advance training offers drills from the concealed carry position. Improve your skills drawing from a concealed holster and engaging multiple targets. Advanced training students must first complete intermediate course to take advanced

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